Vox 0.2.8 beta 2 released

Include support for Audio Units presets load and save, embedded FLAC Cue sheets and artworks, many other enhancements and bug fixes.
For info and discussion about the new beta:

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Just discovered Vox.
A lot of features, especially the ability of using VST-Plugins is brilliant. Export function and so on, fine fine.
What I am really missing is a way of assigning keyboard shortcuts - or have I overlooked these settings? I'm a guitarist and often just have one hand free while playing to control a player (like my DAW). Is there any chance to implement this?
I'll continue testing, thinking about a donation ;-)
Thanks for this program, folks!


Oooppsss... Is it only me or it hangs up on Lion?


Is 0.2.8 going to be released with and work with Lion?


Really wish you'd release a version with real Winamp-style playlist editing.


I wish I had more to say but THANK YOU for your player.The best!!!
I promise to sometime soon up $ to paypal and send something to you!


Volume fader problem

It seems the volume fader is using linear algorithm instead of logarithmic which is more related to human perception. You can compare the one in iTunes when u slide down the volume, and you will find it has finer adjustment when the volume is small. This is very helpful when you wanna do some manual adjustment.

Thank you again for the great App!!


FINALLY! A media player that does what Winamp did on windows before becoming bloated.

I have some feature requests, however.

I wish there was some way to set system-wide keyboard shortcuts to play music etc... The titlebar thing is nice but I like mine to be as uncluttered as possible.

A jump-to keyboard shortcut. If you've ever used Winamp, you know how this works... You just hit the hotkey (in winamp it's J) and it brings up a window where you can begin typing. It narrows down based on what you type, until you hit enter and the top (usually only) result starts playing. The search function in Cog/iTunes is similar, but it's not nearly as fast or effortless as Winamp's.

I'd also like to repeat requests I've read elsewhere for playlist editing. I presume you're working on it :)

Thanks a lot!


have been using vox for close to 2 years now. it's marvellous :)
thanks for all your energy on this!


I'm currently playing with 028b2 and was at first very thrilled to find out about AU plug-ins implementation. I always used Audio Hijack to do this until now, with Vox 027 as front end player, but...
Is there no way to save the set of added plug-ins on quit?
It's a real pita to run through the whole process on each lauch, imho...

Outside of this, Vox becomes better and better, at no cost of it's incredible simplicity, which makes it the easiest yet powerfull compact music player on the Mac. Congrats! The interface windows color prefs tweak is sooo cool and so easy to match with any background... Love it!
(yes, I know, compliments about visuals might be sound a bit cheesy in regard of all your hard work on the audio abilities!)

Thank you again.
Grazie mille!



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