Vox 0.2.7 RC3 released

New RC version that fixes some bugs introduced in the previous RC and includes some little improvements, in detail:

  • Fixed crash on artwork online search
  • Fixed crash on embedded artwork reading
  • Improved embedded artwork reading
  • Improved support for malformed cuesheets
  • Updated WavPack library

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hi, vox its perfect 10 !!

but i have a big problem with the last.fm scrolling does`t work !! why that ???

im so ungry because VOX its great muuch better than itunes but at the momment i dosen`t using it because last.fm for me its mi life...

what can its be !!! i have the lasted 0.27

please help !!!!!!!


All black with semitransparent panels...the tracklist is... white?
Full of tuff things but we hope in a quick id3 viewer... MAYBE AN EDITOR!
(if u edit wit thetagg or iTun or MediaR... each one makes his own thing... id3 seems not to be a stndrd)
in any case... this is the new Audion well programmed and designed.
tnx Ale and the rest of the crew.




Noooo. Don't change the menubar icons. I love it the way it is.



he's talking about adding a base folder in pefs and vox present a window in a tree folder structure without having to launch your music from finder, not a "should-i-move-your-music-to-my-own-self-contained-library-and-organize-it-the-way-i-want" kind, right ocram (while twisting ocram's arm)?

i would even go further and suggest that the base folder/subfolders should be browsable on the menubar icon.

and alessio, do us a favor and consider using just a single menubar icon (vox┬┤s amp) with play, next, previous, etc. commands in it.
we live in a crowded menubar world.



What are you talking about?



I don't mind that as long as it's only an option. I personally am against that behavior.


Nice work. My favorite mac audio player.


No bugs so far Alessio!!! Great work!


Hi, I Just discovered Vox and I was surprised how it's comfortable!!!
Can you just add Library folder? It should be perfect!!
Many Thanx!



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