Vox 0.2.7 RC2 released

New RC version of Vox with some bug fixes, improvements and one important addition: local artworks support; now, the first artwork source is a local image (in the same folder of the playing file) with names, in order: "$artist - $album", $album, folder, front, cover, artwork, and with extensions, in order: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif.

  • Fixed various artists with cuesheets
  • Fixed random playback with cuesheets
  • Fixed track gap with cuesheets
  • Improved support for malformed cuesheets
  • Fixed artworks update
  • Improved artworks download
  • Fixed artworks save as image
  • Ignored corrupted artworks in embedded tags
  • Support for local artworks

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Thanks for RC3! I just tested it, and it fixes the problem where certain mp3's would play for a few seconds, and then crash Vox RC2. All is well again!


Vox is great!

But the RC2 crashes when opening mp3 files with a size bigger then 15MB, it plays like 1 second en then it crashes..


Best audio player out there. Thanks for the new RC that support local artwork. Works very nice.


Some mp3's which work fine with 0.2.7b1 are not working with RC2. I sent you a message with five zipped troublesome mp3's to your gmail account. I hope it helps you to figure out what the problem is.

Thanks for your fine work. I prefer Vox over iTunes. It's small, fast and easy-to-use.


Hey Mate, thanks for the really good job!!! I love VOX!

Found a bug, or well, think its a bug. When loading cue sheets it totally crashes, when I then try to load any other mp3 after that, it also crashes.

Keep up the super great work!!!


I found a bug: with the menubar controls on, Vox can't remember it's Space when used with Spaces. With menubar controls off it works though?

I always let Vox automatically open on Space 3, but now it just opens on the Space that I'm on.

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say..


Good player! It will be playlist as in Winamp?


Alessio check your mail I found a bug loading an mp3 file. Great work buddy :)


Very nice app guys!!!

I have only a question... how could use my media keys (F7, F8, F9) with vox??

best regards



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