Vox 0.2.7 RC1 released

The dev version 0.2.7 RC1 of Vox is now available with a lot of new features and bug fixes; the minimum system requirement is now Leopard, change needed for better support of new systems and the integration of new features.

These are the most important changes:

  • Cue sheet support
  • iTunes Drag & Drop support
  • Menubar controls
  • Integrated "Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural" option
  • BiQuad filter for Equalizer
  • Retuned Equalizer
  • "Move to Trash" confirmation option
  • MP3/MP2/MP1 prescan option
  • Timeout for artwork downloads
  • Musepack SV8 support
  • SD2 and OGA support
  • 64-bit floating-point WAVE/AIFF support
  • Added High Efficiency and Low Delay AAC profile export option
  • Removed all MP3 related code
  • Removed QuickTime dependency
  • Dropped Mac OS X 10.4 support
  • Bug fixes

Note: this is an RC version, so only bug fixes will be added in the final stable release.

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if you're using vox just to play that sound, you can use a command line approach which might be lighter on resources and use vox for your music needs.




@straycat nope, doesn't help


can we still have the 10.4 support? my old G3 will cry if not.



^^ what d-_-b said and also support www.allmusic.com.

last.fm doesn't have enough covers and i believe discogs and allmusic would cover 90% of covers (not everyone listens to mainstream bands).


Allmusic also claims to have the world's largest digital archive of music, including approximately six million songs fully digitized, as well as the world's largest cover art library, with over half a million cover image scans.

from wikipedia.


it would be nice to see artwork's search order options: embed, local (cover.jpg, etc) and from internet (discogs, etc).


CUE support is really great. Would be even better (may it be one of the items in the wishlist for next version?), if Vox could automatically guess encoding of the .cue file, or there would be an ability to select an encoding from the list, either on the fly (like it is done in TextWrangler) or in the Preferences.
Thanks, Alessio!


Thanks! I love cue support!


Great app! As mentioned before it lacks playlist editor (or a 'add to playlist' option) and support for the multimedia keys.
Thanks for your time spend on development. I'll donate when I have funds.


your work on vox is highly appreciated.
the only thing which is still missing are playlists.
but so far a nice and simple player which fits (most of) my needs. thanks a lot.


Thanks for Vox, it’s a great small music player. It plays my Ogg Vorbis files and displays album artwork alright, two things which the bloated iTunes fail to do for me (lousy Ogg support and no reading of local artwork files…). I just made a small donation, nothing big, just one or two drinks. ;)

If i may add a feature request: i miss Media Keys support on my iMac. With other players, i tend to use media keys for play/pause (quite useful at work when i'm typing and the phone rings), and skipping tracks. I think macbooks pros and recent macbooks have media keys too. Now media keys support might be tricky, especially if several applications are listening to the signals. But if you feel like taking a shot at it…



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